Ben 10 Alien Force

Take control of Ben and his new alien forms as you work lớn find Grandpage authority Max and stop a diabolical Highbreed alien plot.

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Original story based on characters & events in the first season of BEN 10: ALIEN FORCEFive playable alien forms: Swampfire, Big Chill, Humungousaur, Jet Ray, SpidermonkeyPlay as Gwen and Kevin in màn chơi segments designed around their special abilitiesFight enemies from the show including: Forever Knights, Xenocites, DNAliens, HighbreedFluidly link your attacks khổng lồ unleash devastating combosGain experience and unlochồng 6 additional moves per alien for a total of 30 unlockable attacksFast-paced, 3 chiều side-scrolling action gameplay with a mix of puzzle solving and platforming2-Player cooperative sầu mode (PS2 và Wii versions only)
I remember selling it for very long time ago & missing it because of the nostalgia, but looking baông xã the game was half good half bad. There"s plenty of secrets that you need lớn go baông xã for & the music is straight from the show. I don"t care what people say, I"m going to lớn buy this game bachồng just so I can play it again & get all the way through.
Sound 4.0 game Play 3.0 Lasting Appeal 3.0 Graphics 2.0

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When I first saw the trailer for this game, I wanted it so badly. So my dad got me a wii and when he did, he got me this game with sucked. The graphics are so terrible that when a cutscene came up. I had to lớn skip it. All you bởi vì the whole time is run around fighting people without strategy. DO NOT BUY THIS, WORST GAME EVER.
Sound 1.0 chơi Game 1.0 Lasting Appeal 1.0 Graphics 1.0
This game is horrible và a waste of money because all you do is smash stuff in vendors, crates, benches, and other things. The graphics are good but the sound sucks và you can barely hear the game only if you put the volume up loud! This game also ticks me off because the courses are lượt thích forty five sầu minutes each! My brother and I got so mad we are going khổng lồ sell this. This should be only worth five bucks và should never be a game unless you want to lớn bore someone to death! DON"T GET THIS!
Sound 3.0 Gameplay 2.0 Lasting Appeal 2.0 Graphics 4.0
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