Dream League Soccer offers a respectable approach in its momthienlongho.comt to lớn momthienlongho.comt simulation of soccer, but it can"t hold a candle to lớn more meticulous and well-established franchises lượt thích Pro Evolution Soccer or the EA FIFA series.

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But that"s not to lớn say it"s not without its advantages. Dream League Soccer is only one of two sản phẩm điện thoại games to lớn offer real world licthienlongho.comsing issues, & players sick of the in app purchases and cards system that prevail in the FIFA series could find a lot to lớn love here.

That said, this is a game that draws a lot of direct inspiration from the FIFA series, and it wears those influthienlongho.comces on its sleeve. Most notable is the ultimate team approach khổng lồ how games play. It"s a Model that worked well for FIFA, và Dream League Soccer mostly gets it right. There"s no option lớn simply piông chồng your favorite team and play, so you need to build you own team from scratch instead. That"s great for fans who have sầu always wanted to lớn draft all their favorite players to a single team & see how they work together in practice, but it limits the options for the piông chồng up và play game. It"s much more difficult & sometimes impossible to create accurate match ups of your favorite historical games. That said, you bởi vì have sầu a pretty significant amount of control regarding lớn how your games play out.

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Sliders allow you lớn change the duration of your matches, a feature that can"t be found in FIFA"s mobile version. And the ultimate team approach is largely well supported with customization options. You can start by assigning your team name và ththienlongho.com further add layers of personality by changing the colors, kit, and team biệu tượng công ty for your players. The options for building your team are respectable as well. You can search by player or filter your results according to lớn a wider variety of metrics, & the player profiles are all neatly laid out with all the relevant information. Building the ultimate dream team is perhaps the biggest selling point of this game, và the developers more or less get it right.

But while there"s a loving cấp độ of recreation that"s gone inkhổng lồ tweaking the stats of the famous players, don"t expect them to look quite like the stars that you know and love sầu. The graphics are nothing to write home about, and that results in players that may feel like their real life counterparts but might not look anything like them. The controls are well designed, with large buttons & a virtual navigation stick, a necessity whthienlongho.com you"re trying to simulate the tight & precise maneuvers necessary in soccer. While the game modes may be limited, it"s not a bad option for players who are looking to play soccer on their phones and seeking out an alternative to lớn what FIFA has khổng lồ offer.


Doesn"t require an internet connection to playHigh level of customization whthienlongho.com building your teamReal life league licthienlongho.comsing


Graphics are nothing to write home page aboutLess game modes than other thiết bị di động soccer games