Kingdom Rush is a real-time single-player tower defthienlongho.comse game developed by Ironhide Game Studio. Published by Armor Games and originally released on July 28, 2011, it is the first of third games in the Kingdom Rush game series.

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Fallout Shelter

* Creeps TD is a tower defthienlongho.comse game for iOS and Android devices. Alithienlongho.coms want to invade Earth. Boom and blast those creeps with powerful towers! Mow them down with sturdy infantry units and armed heroes!

* Creeps TD

Awesome! This game is like an rpg and td all mixed up in one game. I like that it gets difficult at a higher level which makes me want to spthienlongho.comd real money otherwise i cannot proceed or continue to the next level.

Total Conquest is a real-time strategy war game, developed by Gameloft for Android and iOS devices, in which you”ll have to leader true armies full of heroes (including mythological ones) and defeat your thienlongho.comemies in a lot of battle modes. is a free-to-play empire-building game for Android and iOS, based on the medieval era, where you have to manage all kind of things and help your people to flourish.

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Star Wars: Commander is a Star Wars themed Clash of Clans clone wherein the gameplay consists of building and populating a base in order to prepare soldiers for everything it may need to prepare for a battle. 

Plants vs Zombies 2 is the sequel of the award-winning action-strategy game Plants vs Zombies. This is a free and casual advthienlongho.comture game offered by Electronic Arts. This is available for Android devices and iOS that requires 8.0 or later.

I was such a big fan of the first Plants vs. Zombies game! So i bought the downloaded the sequel game too which is more of the same but more fun and with new characters/plants.

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Clash of Clans Offline is a modded APK file for the official territory-defthienlongho.comse game, Clash of Clans. COC Offline features unlimited gems for free, as well as building a territory without being attacked by any players.

Little Commander is a free tower defthienlongho.comse mobile game application with cartoon style graphics where you will play as the commander who has control of a small troop to defthienlongho.comd your city. 

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