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Dragon Ball is a magician written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. It was originally published in Shonen Jump magazine, with the publisher Shueisha between 1983 and 1995, in this category we will be able lớn see several games

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Based on the popular anime series, we will be able khổng lồ see several games in which we will have sầu lớn control or help well-known characters in the series such as GOKU, VEGETTA, PICCOLO, KRILIN, GOHAN, among
many other characters but which we can control to lớn our liking, we can play various games which will try to lớn relive sầu the situations that our protagonists in the series had to go through
We will be able to face the classic villains of these games lượt thích NAPPA, MAJIN BOO, CELL, FREEZER ahy vọng many other villains, if you like games based on this series you will love sầu this category,
you can find several games which were available for old consoles but thanks lớn emulators we can play completely không tính tiền on our computer, we can see incredible games
3 chiều which will surely give sầu us some incredible moments of fun, we can find various types of games, fighting games, strategy games, aước ao many other games, but that"s not all
Since you can also play games in which we will face other protagonists from various anime such as ONE PIECE, NARUTO, BLEACH, FAIRY TAIL ahy vọng many others, we will be able khổng lồ face various
Friends, if we are looking for games which have sầu the 2-player mode, since most of these games will be fighting, a category that if you are a bạn of Long ball you cannot miss.
Dragon ball is an anime television series và manga created by Akira Toriyama in 1988. This Show tells the adventures of friends that fight against villains to lớn save the earth và other planets. The argument in this adventure start when Freezer an evil villain that destroy planets find the Saiyajin planet & destroy. A little kid named Goku escape from that planet in destruction và arrive to lớn the planet Earth. The spaceship impacts Goku is rescued by an old man named Son Gohan take care until he dies. After some years Goku meets Bulma, and they start khổng lồ find the Dragon balls a magic objects that grant wishes. In that adventure Goku make friends like Krilin, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han, Piccolo và others. When Goku is an adult, other aliens from the planet Vegeta invade the Earth, và they defeat them. This story continue in the Namek Planet with more villains lượt thích Freezer và the ginyu forces
Baông xã on Earth some androids attachồng the people & the new enemy Cell comes lớn life. There are many characters in the Dragon Ball history lượt thích Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Buu, Freezer, Cell, Trucks, Goten, Broly, Bulma, Piccolo, Krilin, Videl, Roshi, Dende, và others. On we collected more than 50 Dragon ball game that you can play against friends in the same computer or sản phẩm điện thoại device or with online players around the globe. Help once again your beloved Goku và his friends in their search for the Dragon Balls, beat his adversaries in dangerous battles with fantastic powers and movements and show that you are the best fighter of all time in (Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Goku Densetsu). Enjoy the best Nintenvì games in your browser with all your favorite characters in (Dragon Ball Z: Ultime Menace), make special techniques to lớn defeat your enemies with the power of your KI & compete in amazing tournaments
against the strongest villains lượt thích Freezer, Majin Buu, Cell, A17, A18, Broly và others. Meet other fighting stars with the anime legkết thúc saga in (Anime Legends) and fight with Narulớn, One Piece or Bleach in this fantastic mixed game with different anime series & high chất lượng graphics và movements. Play the (Super Smash Flash 2) & destroy the stages with Mario, Sonic, Pikachu or Donkey Kong. Join other players in the same platform and choose the classic mode, Duel or Online. Unloông xã other games characters lượt thích the Kingdom Heart saga, Sonic and all the classic Nintenbởi vì đoạn Clip games. Don"t miss this amazing crossover fighting game with addictive sầu gameplay & completely không tính phí. Enjoy a new version full of emotions in (Anime Battle 3.3) and show your fighting skills along with your best anime anh hùng. We have other similar games that you can play now with the Street fighter team, the x-men or the
Marvel Avengers in the same battlefield. Enjoy an exciting Street of Rage game with Ryu and help to get rid of mafia bands that want khổng lồ destroy the thành phố. Complete the levels and Call the police support to lớn get help & defeat the thugs in your path in (Streets of Rage 2 RYU) a classic game from SEGA. Goku và friends are waiting for you in all our fighting games and the anime battle saga with more than 300 different characters khổng lồ choose, amazing fighting battlefields & more than 3 versions. Cheông xã out the new available miễn phí to lớn play games lượt thích (Crazy Zombie 9 The Last Heroes), (One Piece Hot Fight 0 7), (Crazy Zombie 7: Super Heroes 2), (One Piece), (Super Pocket Fighter Adventure Flash), (Naruto lớn Mini Battle 2) or (Megaman X). Save the world against the evil forces only with your keyboard. If you like the anime and the fighting games this is the best place for you!
Take control of Goku and friends and explore amazing planets to save sầu. We manually select the best Dragon ball games in the world and you always can get fun for không tính phí. This is the best place lớn play our your favorite games, we have sầu a great community of players, kids, teenagers & many people that love games. Pick your Dragon ball game và start playing now only on!
when starting the game we will be able lớn see in the background an image in which all the friends of goku will find themselves while they see us seriously, lớn start playing we will simply have to lớn press START, when

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press that button we can see that in the menu there will be a shenglong in the background while we can choose between three options, if we want to start from scratch we will have sầu to lớn press NEW GAME but if
you have already played this game & you want lớn continue from where you left off, just press CONTINUE, if you want lớn see the credits of the people who worked lớn make this game come true you can
press the credits button, if we choose NEW GAME we will be able to see that we will have lớn choose in which difficulty we want to lớn play, we will be able khổng lồ choose between EASY AND NORMAL, at the beginning of the game we will be able khổng lồ see a
tutorial in which they will show us two characters fighting & showing their abilities, then we can choose our character lớn begin our story, we can choose a wide variety of characters
like GOKU, VEGETTA, KRILIN, GOHAN but we can also choose several classic enemies from the rồng ball z saga, once we choose our character we can start playing, first we will have
What lớn choose the first màn chơi since we will be completely new, once we have sầu chosen the first màn chơi we can see that we will be in the middle of a forest while several wild boars with limbs will be
starting to chase us, we will have sầu to defeat them using the techniques that we were taught in the tutorial, we will have to find out what buttons they are since as the game will only be available in the Japanese language
we will not be able to know what the controls are, you will have khổng lồ defeat the first boar which will be waiting for you with a sword, we will have sầu khổng lồ lower all the life that it has since only then we can win
we will have to lớn complete the 2 sections of each level in order to move sầu on lớn the next one, remember that you have sầu a whole world to lớn explore so it will be better if you get ready for battle, if you lượt thích games
anime và action games this game you may lượt thích in addition khổng lồ having pixelated graphics so that any computer can run it.
here in you can find several DRAGON BALL games completely không lấy phí, you can also play them again whenever you want since will always be active for you, you can play several games of your own
likes simply looking in categories và tags, you can see that we will have sầu a great catalog of games in addition to always updating the danh mục of games, we can see that we will have sầu a large number of
games which can be played on điện thoại devices like Ipad, Iphone & game android, what are you waiting for khổng lồ start playing these games? show that you are the best in these games & don"t forget that always