Catelyn has captured Tyrion & plans lớn bring hyên ổn to her sister, Lysa Arryn, at The Vale, khổng lồ be tried for his, supposed, crimes against Bran. Robert plans to have sầu Daenerys killed, but Eddard refuses lớn be a part of it and quits.

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Serie: Game of Thrones

Director: Brian Kirk

Guest Star: Aimee Richardson, Alan Paris, Antonia Christopher, Brendan McCormaông chồng, Callum Wharry, Ciaran Bermingmê mẩn, Conan Stevens, Donald Sumpter, Emily Diamond, Emun Elliott, Euren Sitháng, Finn Jones, Francis Magee, Gethin Anthony, Ian McElhinney, Jamie Sives, Jefferson Hall, Julian Glover, Kate Dickie, Kevin Keenan, Lino Facioli, Robert Sterne, Roger Allam, Ron Donachie, Susan Brown


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