The 30 best free games for windows phone

Gaming is where it"s at on Windows Phone! You can play classic games natively or install emulator apps & ROM files of original games. Relive sầu old school arcade and console fun with modern tools.

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Looking for a Windows Phone gaming challenge that has its roots in "old skool" arcade or console fun? You can play classic games natively on Windows Phone or install emulator apps và ROM files of the original games.

Why Use Emulators?

The vast choice of Xbox Live titles alone is testament to lớn the fact that there is no shortage of good Windows Phone games; there are plenty of great games without Xbox Live integration, too.

However if you"re looking for something a bit different, or simply have sầu a nostalgic hankering for something great from day of yore, then an emulator is the answer. The process is simple – load up the emulator, open the game ROM (a file that holds a disk image of the game) and start playing.

Emulators are popular on iOS và Android (I recently explained how to play Civilization on Android using a Nintendo DS emulator, for instance) và arguably used more widely than on desktop computers.

Over the past few months, following a slow start, more & more emulators have sầu been appearing on Windows Phone. Here is a selection of some of the best.

MetroSpec - $0.99/£0.79

Offering a collection of games along with the emulator is MetroSpec, which emulates the classic Spectrum 8-bit trang chủ computer. While not as widely known in North America và Canada, the Spectrum 48k and 128k computers were huge sellers in the UK và Europe in the 1980s.

The phầm mềm offers a tile based interface for choosing ROMs, importing new ROMs (from a URL or from a SkyDrive sầu folder) while using the Spectrum in its BASIC mode provides a graphical version of the famous rubber-keyed keyboard.

Loading & playing ROMs is quick & easy with this ứng dụng, which also offers a software joypad. Sound isn"t always 100% perfect, but with the ability to lớn save sầu and restore game states, this is a great choice. MetroSpec also comes as an ad-supported, miễn phí installation.

VBA8 - Free

For handheld monochrome fun (or even colour, if you"re not all that old skool) the VBA8 app is a great emulator that handles trò chơi Boy, trò chơi Boy Màu sắc and Game Boy Advance ROMs.

The UI on this ứng dụng (a trial version is available) is designed to replicate the trò chơi Boy handheld console, while the ROM management side of things allows you to import ROMs from an SD Card or your SkyDrive. Game states can also be saved & restored.

It"s particularly easy lớn quickly get started with a recently-played title with this emulator, thanks to the "recent" các mục. Control & đoạn Clip options are good too, & the app even includes Công nghệ Bluetooth tư vấn for the MOGA Pro controller, a device not officially supported by Windows Phone!

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EmiPSX - $2.49/£1.99

If your console gaming emulation needs are more powerful, the original PlayStation console can be emulated on Windows Phone, & EmiPSX is your best option. A free trial is available, but you"ll need khổng lồ purchase the phầm mềm lớn save game states.

Although it doesn"t ship with any games built in, the phầm mềm does include a range of choices for swapping data between your phone và a SkyDrive sầu trương mục. You can also import ROMs downloaded to lớn your phone"s SD Card or Internal storage (although this second option doesn"t always work well).

Perhaps the only downside with EmiPSX is the syncing of your ROM files. PSX games are shipped on CD-ROM, which means you"ll be waiting 5-10 minutes for the data to upload from your PC, và again for it khổng lồ download to your phone. The smart method, of course, is lớn tải về directly khổng lồ your phone, but if a WiFi connection isn"t available, this isn"t practical.

Beware the data costs when downloading PlayStation ROMs!

Finding ROMs

While ROMs are freely available online, can"t help you find them. Downloading ROMs for games that you don"t own is piracy, & doing so is your decision to lớn make.

Classic Games That Don"t Require Emulation

If relaying on an emulator doesn"t cut the mustard for your retro gaming requirements, perhaps the best option is for you khổng lồ check the Windows Phone Store for any retro games that have been released for the platform.

Notably, Microsoft has released desktop classics such as Solitaire, Mahjong và Minesweeper for their mobile platsize, each of which also has Xbox Live sầu integration.

Deeper in the store, you might find some genuine 8-bit classics repackaged for sale, such as the classic Manic Miner and its sequel Jet Set Willy – so keep a look out! There are also various retro-styled games, Breakout & Tetris clones for example, that add a classic gaming feel to lớn your Windows Phone.

Conclusion: Multiple Retro Gaming Options On Windows Phone

Windows Phone has a massive sầu selection of games already (one of the areas it excels in), but you can never really have too many đoạn phim games to choose from. It"s lượt thích limiting your movie collection khổng lồ films launched after 1975.

Using emulators enables you to considerably improve the choice of games on your Windows Phone, but rethành viên to do so legally, selecting ROMs that match the titles of games you already own.

Most importantly, enjoy! If you"ve sầu used any of these emulators or have found others, let us know – share your experiences in the comments below.

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