Quiz Bowl is a fairly new Windows Phone 8 game that has you matching wits online against other players in a friendly trivia match. Quiz Bowl four trivia groups that are filled with eleven trivia categories that include tens of thousands of questions.

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You can challenge friends lớn a game or an opponent will be generated at random lớn compete against. Each game has about seven questions & you will have ten seconds to lớn answer each question. The faster your response, the more points you earn.

Quiz Bowl is a decent Windows Phone 8 game that is an entertaining way to lớn pass the time with.

Quiz Bowl Layout

When you first launch Quiz Bowl, you will need khổng lồ establish your player profile where a secret code will be sent to lớn your phone to lớn register your protệp tin with the gaming system. Along with creating a player name và setting your Country of origin, you will also choose a player inhỏ.

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You have sầu a core group of player icons that are available right out of the gate. Additional icons become unlocked as you advance through the gaming levels or if you would rather not wait, you can unloông xã the additional icons via in-phầm mềm purchase ($.99).

Once you have your protệp tin mix, you will jump to Quiz Bowl’s main thực đơn that has options to start a new game & reviews your gaming history. At the bottom corners of the main menu, you will also find options khổng lồ view Quiz Bowl’s online leaderboard & the game’s About Screen.


When you are ready to lớn start a new game, Quiz Bowl has four groupings of trivia categories that include Music/Entertainment, Sports, TV/Books/Movies, & World/Business. Within these four groupings, you will find eleven trivia categories that include:

Beatles TriviaBritish RoyaltyAmerican FootballHarry PotterSex and the CityStar TrekThe BibleX-FilesWorld FlagsLogosU.S. Citizenship

In tapping a category, you will have sầu options to start a game, invite a frikết thúc, view the leaderboard for that category and view the discussions. trò chơi play is not live so you can start multiple games at once và you bởi not have to lớn wait for your opponent to begin the game.

However, you can only have sầu up khổng lồ eight simultaneous games going at once with the free version. That will include any games you are waiting for your opponent khổng lồ complete. To remove sầu this restriction will cost you $1.49 through an in-tiện ích purchase.

Lastly, when you are invited to lớn play in a trivia match you will see the "Game Ready" appear at the top of the category page. Just tap the Play Now button to accept the match challenge.

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Game Play

Trivia games include seven questions that will range from the traditional question/answer style questions as well as picture identification styled questions. Each question is allotted ten seconds to answer & the faster you answer, the more points you earn.

Again, game play is not live sầu but your opponent is asked the same questions. If you opponent is delayed in playing the game, the game will be marked in your “My Games” section as “waiting for opponent” until your opponent completes the questions.


When both players complete the round of play, a scoring summary is generated declaring one player the winner. Your points are applied to your player màn chơi for that particular category. The higher you advance in gaming levels, more protệp tin icons become available & it appears the questions become more challenging.

Speaking of which, some of the questions are fairly challenging and while there was some repetition with the questions, the frequency was not terrible.

Overall Impression

Quiz Bowl has the potential of being a very enjoyable trivia game for Windows Phone 8.

Online gaming is always dependent on how responsive your opponent is. A slow to respond opponent can drag out game play to the point it becomes dull và boring. I lượt thích how Quiz Bowl allows one player khổng lồ be slower in completing their trivia quiz without affecting the overall gaming experience. The gaming experience will improve as the player base grows in number to lớn reduce the wait time needed to lớn find an opponent.

The trivia categories aren’t too shabby but Quiz Bowl does need to see the number & varieties of categories grow. You can request a new topic from the New trò chơi screen và, based on the Windows Phone Store mô tả tìm kiếm, more categories are in the works. The more variety, the more appeal Quiz Bowl will have sầu.


Quiz Bowl may lack the fast pace of action/adventure Windows Phone games but has a certain màn chơi of appeal. While you are up against a clock when answering questions, Quiz Bowl does have sầu a slight casual pace. Game time doesn’t require a lot of time, making it ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá lớn help you pass short bits of time.

Quiz Bowl is a không tính phí, ad-supported game that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can remove sầu the ads and eliminate the game number limits through an in-app purchase of $1.49.