Defenders 2 td: base tower defense strategy game

They’re some of the most accessible và addictive sầu strategy games around - here are a few of our favourites


Looking for the best tower defense games on PC? For a time, the humble tower defense game was one of the most popular genres out there. They may appear to be simple strategy games for more casual players, but fans would Call them accessible tactical titles that require sharp reflexes, a sharper mind, và quiông xã improvisation.

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Their accessibility comes from how deceptively straightforward they are – at least khổng lồ begin with. A horde of enemies comes from specific directions across a small arena and the player has lớn improvise a mix of appropriate defenses, using scant resources, to lớn giảm giá with them. Enemies become tougher & more numerous as the game progresses, but the player gets access lớn better equipment to lớn deal with them too.

They’re also highly addictive, which is why there remains a steady influx of tower defense titles – they even pop up in other genres too, such as the entertaining den defense minigame in Assassin’s Creed Revelations. While the genre often veers towards smartphone & tablet gaming, there are still many fantastic tower defense games on PC right now. Here’s the best of the best.



For many, Plants vs Zombies is the ultimate game, period. Even by tower defense standards it’s simple – there’s no long path to lớn defkết thúc, the zombies come from the right, & the player defends the left. If a zombie makes it all the way left in a lane, there’s one do-over available in the khung of a lawnmower.

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Nevertheless, Plants vs Zombies is a perfect cycle of addiction. Every cấp độ offers something new to keep you hooked – more challenging zombies are gradually introduced, numerous minigames break up the gameplay, và new plants become available to play with. Combined with the appealing world design & aggressively fun sound kiến thiết, it’s easy to see how Plants vs Zombies became a phenomenon – a shame that subsequent Plants vs Zombies games have either been mobile-only or online shooters.



The original Defense Grid: The Awakening is straightforward perfection – and unlượt thích many games on this list, you’re actually using towers as a defense. Stop aliens from stealing power cores from a charmingly British AI companion, & kill them if they try to escape. Defeating aliens nets the resources to lớn buy or tăng cấp the various types of towers, & there are the usual death mazes the player can put together, but otherwise, that’s it.

Defense Grid is a pure, addictive tower defense delight – and if that’s not enough, there are DLC tie-ins with Borderlands & Portal, too. Defense Grid 2, however, is a little overcomplicated – we’ll stichồng to the original.



From the studio behind Satisfactory và, er, Goat Simulator, Sanctum 2 is unique in that it’s also an FPS game. If you just play the first few seconds, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve bought a Borderlands-style co-op shooter – until you hit the aremãng cầu and have sầu to lớn put up walls, turrets, tesla coils, và other defenses to stop the alien hordes from taking out your power cores.

All you really need to know is that you can create death mazes in up lớn four-player co-op. Sanctum 2 is one to lớn throw at anyone who says that tower defense games aren’t exciting.



Anyone who’s dismissed the Bloons series for appearing childish, basic, or highly microtransaction-y should think again, since Bloons TD 6 is nothing less than the highest-rated tower defense game on Steam. The games are deliberately cartoony by nature – you place monkeys with special powers around a bản đồ to protect it from malevolent balloons.

The gameplay focuses on characters rather than structures, who can be upgraded, levelled-up, & given better equipment. There’s an almost XCOM-cấp độ of squad management here, which elevates Bloons TD 6 to a whole new plane of addiction.



Dungeon Defenders is part-MOBA, part-action RPG, all tower defense. You must defend the fantasy lvà of Etheria against the hordes of orcs, goblins, etc – your typical RPG fare — by creating a character from several classes, equipping the right gear, upgrading abilities, and heading out to lớn battle.From here, players are thrown into a small aremãng cầu where enemies attack in waves from specific directions, if that sounds familiar. Each class has its own defenses to place, which can be repaired, sold, or upgraded, but they can’t vì chưng all the work —the player has to lớn get stuck in too.

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a complete reversal of the tower defense genre – the player instead controls the units they’re trying to sneak past the defenses in order to lớn attack. It’s tower offence.

After plotting a course through an alien-controlled hellscape, players have sầu lớn keep their limited units healthy, upgrading them wherever possible, in order to make it to the objective while attacking the various tower defenses along the way. It’s not the longest game on this danh sách, but it’s an innovative sầu và fun spin on the genre.



The Orcs Must Die! Series mixes third-person shooter, melee, and magic combat with fantasy-based tower defense, requiring players to mix strategy with skill – you can’t rely on just your weapons or the Dungeon Keeper-style traps to defeat the Orc hordes.

The horde gets wilder as you nâng cấp both your traps & weapons, và both the Magicka-style comedic fantasy and co-op adds a lot to lớn make Orcs Must Die! 2 an addictive sầu experience. The third game in the series is currently a Stadia exclusive sầu, but we’re holding out hope for a general release.



From Psychonauts developer Double Fine comes this underrated third-person mech combat/tower defense mash-up. In the aftermath of WW1, a crazed scientist tries to take over the world with his army of killer televisions, but luckily the chaps of the Mobile trench division are here lớn save sầu the day.

The player gets a fully-armed mech, which is fun, but they’ll also need lớn set up defenses to lớn counter the Tube onslaught. The quality gameplay, co-op, and Double Fine’s signature snappy wit make Iron Brigade well worth a visit.



Bardbarian features a barbarian named Brad who hung up his axe to lớn play guitar instead. By playing siông xã tunes Brad can Call several fighters to follow hyên, who attaông chồng enemies when they get cchiến bại. It’s a tower defense game where the defenses accompany the player around the battlefield.

The player doesn’t attachồng at all – although they can be killed – you simply lead troops, boost them with guitar riffs, & collect gold for upgrades, which include new unit types, more effective sầu boosts, và a town drunk who vomits in the enemy’s path. The usual stuff.



The Roông xã Of Ages series is an intriguing set of tower defense, Super Monkey Ball, và the animated bits of Monty Python thả. Each màn chơi features a downhill course with a base at the end that the player has to protect with various wacky defenses. At the same time, the player’s opponent – human or AI – is doing the same thing.

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When either is ready, they can control a rolling boulder & attempt lớn smash through those defenses and crash into the enemy base. Rochồng Of Ages 2 is probably the best in the series, as the more recent third game leaned a little too hard into lớn the difficulty & lost much of the fun.

Now you’re phối up with a selection of the best tower defense games, ready for the oncoming hordes of aliens/zombies/terrifying balloons. As you watch them fall before you, kiểm tra out our guide to lớn the best strategy games on PC.