Top 3 Offline Games Like Gta Vice City For Android And Ios Devices

GTA Vice City is one of the best titles in the GTA series and takes place in " Miami. With action-induced missions & a sprawling open-world, this GTA title is still loved by players all over the world.

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GTA Vice City is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If players want to lớn enjoy games without an mạng internet connection, they can check out the following menu.

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Top 3 offline games lượt thích GTA Vice City for Android & iOS devices

#1 - Gangstar Vegas

Like GTA Vice City, this title is also a famous action-adventure và open-world game filled with missions. There are over 80 missions that players can take part in.

The game has a great collection of vehicles, ranging from hoverbikes khổng lồ muscle cars. Players can also take part in side activities lượt thích racing challenges, casino games, và more.

Android users can tải về it from here.

iOS users can tải về it from here.

#2 - Paybaông chồng 2

There are as many as 50 chiến dịch events that players can enjoy. These campaigns are quite diverse and include exciting gang battles, oto races, tank duels, etc.

The game comes up with hourly, daily, & weekly challenges that players can have sầu fun completing. It has the necessary weapons and vehicles that players can use for missions, just like GTA Vice City.

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Android users can download it from here.

iOS users can download it from here.

#3 - Real Gangsters Crime

Like GTA Vice City, there are many cars that this action-adventure allows its players to lớn ride in. Players will also be assigned exciting quests.

The game offers a rich arsenal of weapons that players can use khổng lồ complete various missions. Players also have the option of customizing their characters with the accessories offered by the in-game store.

Android users can tải về it from here.

iOS users can download it from here.

Disclaimer: This danh sách reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many games available, it is an individual"https://www.sportskeedomain choice to lớn play one or the other according khổng lồ his/her preference.

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