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This song and MV are one of my favourites. I absolutely adore K.Will’s voice, the surprising plot of the mv, và Seo InGuk’s performance (this is where I first saw him & where I first saw Ahn JaeHyun ^^).

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K.Will’s ‘이러지마 제발 (Please Don’t…)’ is no. 3 on Soompi’s List~



The story of the MV is as follows: Seo InGuk has two friends, Ahn JaeHyun & SISTAR’s Dasom. Dasom và JaeHyun are engaged và this comes as a shock to lớn Seo InGuk, however, he tries his best to lớn go along and be happy for his friends, but it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t like this union.

At first, it may seem that his affections lie with Dasom, however, as the clip progresses, there are several subtle hints that it is JaeHyun, who is the object of Seo InGuk’s affection. Some of these include Seo InGuk looking at JaeHyun, also on the balcony where he happy that JaeHyun is paying him attention, but disappointed when Dasom is between them when they take the photograph.



And then at the end, the big reveal is when Seo InGuk rips the photo & puts him and JaeHyun together, completely removing Dasom.

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I thought that at the over when they are in the car, that it was sort of him trying to lớn imagine that the reason he doesn’t lượt thích the union is because he is in love with Dasom, however, he can’t get himself lớn lie khổng lồ himself. That is why JaeHyun replaces Dasom in the seat. That’s what I thought, what did you think?

Therefore I sort of thought that this clip and tuy nhiên were about him trying to say ‘please don’t go’, but someone he can’t get himself to bởi vì that. So he is just suffering in silence.

I looked at the lyrics (which you can see here) and there is definitely a sense of not wanting that person to lớn go & being conflicted. I love that they vị talk about the oto in the song, which makes the video even better. However, there is a definite sense that they are a couple in the song, but I don’t think that detracts anything from the video and I think it is great that K.Will decided khổng lồ use his song in this way as homosexuality in Korea is not really accepted và not celebrated by many people, so having it in this size is wonderful (even if it is a sad ending. Why bởi homosexuals rarely have a happy ending?!). 


I mean, the visuals for this đoạn phim were beautiful. The lighting in the house was lovely & bright and warm. The wedding scenes were very pretty. The scenes in the car, which were all at night, were great. Those car scenes had a real sense và atmosphere of sadness & emotion, which is mainly due lớn Seo InGuk’s acting, but the simple background và lighting made it very emotive. Everything seems more emotional at nighttime right?

Also, Dasom made a very cute & happy bride-to-be/bride và her scene in the car was well acted. JaeHyun was good, I mean he didn’t really have much to do, but just be a man in love (am I being too harsh haha ^^”). 

But of course, the stand out star here is definitely Seo InGuk ♥


I love K.Will’s vocals! He always sings with such emotion and power. I feel comforted và wrapped up in the warmth of his voice, even if the song is sad!

The chorus for this tuy vậy is so catchy và it always sticks in my head after I listen to this song. This may sound strange, but that also happens for the tune of the song, the little tune that plays at the beginning of the tuy nhiên and then behind the chorus.

This leads on lớn the music, I think it is so lovely and soft behind and it also weaves through K.Will’s vocals. It is in no way overpowering và it really makes the flow of the tuy vậy very enjoyable and, personally I think, more emotive. Và at times you are aren’t expecting the power nguồn of his voice và I think that surprise is very nice.

Star Ratings:

Understandable Storyline: 4.5/5☆Video Production: 5/5☆Vocals: 5/5☆Overall Package: 9.75/10☆

Here is a live performance of this song on Mcountdown. I really love the ease with which K.Will performs. Plus, he is very handsome & suave (and looks great in a suit!):