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The 4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite is Audible-ready & comes with 6 months of Kindle Unlimited free / Images & screenshots: Amazon

The 4th-generation Paperwhite is sleek, waterproof, Audible-ready, và comes with six months of Kindle Unlimited for free.

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Note: Are you looking for information about the newest Kindle Paperwhite? kiểm tra out the Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 (2021) overview.

Kindle Paperwhite 4 was announced on October 16, 2018, và available for pre-order the same day, together with new, colorful case covers. It starts shipping on November 7 – early enough khổng lồ get it for Christmas, even when the demand will increase Amazon’s expectations.

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The newest Kindle costs $129.99, compared lớn $119.99 for the previous generation. Nevertheless, with a combination of new features và improvements, the 2018 mã sản phẩm will certainly continue lớn be the best selling Kindle.

The display used for the 3rd-generation Kindle Paperwhite has not changed. It’s the 1448 × 1072 px, 6-inch E-Ink Carta touchscreen offering 300 ppi px density what translates into a crisp, laser-quality text. Why need more?

What has changed is the look, now with a smooth glass front, making the Paperwhite look a lot lượt thích Kindle Voyage. The device is also thinner than the predecessor.

The most significant improvement, however, is resistance lớn water. IPX8 rating – the same as in Oasis – means the device passed the tests khổng lồ withstand immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for 60 minutes.

Kindle Paperwhite 4 is finally receiving the bluetooth module that enables khổng lồ listen lớn Audible audiobooks.

The new e-reader comes in five variants:

8 GB, Wi-Fi, with special offers – $129.998 GB, Wi-Fi, without special offers – $149.9932 GB, Wi-Fi, with special offers – $159.9932 GB, Wi-Fi, without special offers – $179.9932 GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, without special offers – $249.99

At the same time, the previous-generation Kindle Paperwhite was discontinued, so the only way to buy it is from third-party sellers or as a refurbished unit in Amazon’s Refurbished Kindle Outlet.

Read on to learn more about the most important features of Kindle Paperwhite 4, find full technical specifications, và see a gallery of pictures – all in a fast-loading page that’s easy khổng lồ read on a smartphone phone.

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Top article

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite meets IPX8 water resistance rating

The waterproof kiến thiết was a feature many Kindle lovers wanted to lớn see in the most popular Kindle model – and there it is!

The 2018 Kindle Paperwhite bears IPX8 water resistance badge. It means the device can withstand immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for up lớn 60 minutes.

It also means that you can clean the Paperwhite with water, what may be useful when you go back from a sandy beach, or accidentally spill coffee on the display.

The fact that the favorite device is safe in tương tác with water will encourage many users khổng lồ read more often in the bathtub or take the Paperwhite on active holidays.

2. Flush-front, modern design


The 4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite features the glass front và sleek design

When we look at the new Kindle Paperwhite, we immediately see it is different from the năm ngoái model. It’s because the screen (the same as before) is covered by the edge-to-edge glass – a solution you’ve seen before in Kindle Voyage or Oasis.

Amazon claims that the new Kindle Paperwhite is the thinnest and lightest Paperwhite ever released. It is true, but the improvements are insignificant.

The width và height are smaller only by 1-2 mm. The device is thinner by 0.9 milimet compared to lớn its predecessor (8.2 milimet vs. 9.1 mm), & it’s where the change is noticeable.

The 4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite weighs 182 grams, which is only 2 grams more than the same Wi-Fi-only version of the Kindle Voyage.

3. Ready lớn play Audible audiobooks

The Paperwhite is the last model from the current range of Amazon e-readers khổng lồ include công nghệ bluetooth không dây chip.

The công nghệ bluetooth will enable you khổng lồ connect headphones or a speaker, & this is a way lớn listen to Audible audiobooks on your new Kindle Paperwhite.

The e-reader’s software comes with a simple Audible player. You can play both audiobooks purchased in the Audible Store và audiobook companions bought for Kindle books you already own.

What you have lớn keep in mind is that none of the Kindle models offered in 2018 has a headphone jack. Forget about your old headphones. You need to buy công nghệ bluetooth earphones or speakers khổng lồ be able lớn listen lớn audiobooks on your Kindle.

4. Bigger storage

One of the most common feature requests for the new generation of Kindle Paperwhite was to lớn increase internal memory or offer different versions based on memory size.

And the 2018 comes with the same storage options as the Kindle Oasis 2. You can choose between:

8 GB – approximately 6 GB are available khổng lồ the user. You will be able to download thousands of ebooks, or some 30 – 40 full-length audiobooks in standard quality,32 GB – 27 GB are available for the user; the rest is used by system files. You should be able to tải về at least 150 Audible audiobooks.

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5. Six months of Kindle Unlimited for free

This limited-time offer is one of the most significant reasons khổng lồ buy Kindle Paperwhite 4, và we hope any e-reader introduced in the future will come with the same offer.

If you buy the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite now or in coming weeks, you will get Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription miễn phí of charge for six months! None of the previously offered deals on this popular subscription-based service was even close lớn this promotion.

Every avid book lover considers getting Kindle Unlimited at some point. The service costs $9.99 per month. If you’ve tried Kindle Unlimited before & canceled the subscription, you are not eligible khổng lồ get the 30-day miễn phí trial again for the same Amazon account.

And now, if you’ve planned to buy the new Kindle this shopping season, you can get six months of Kindle Unlimited miễn phí of charge. It means you keep $60 in your pocket!

6. New case covers, including water-safe fabric

Among the new case covers for Kindle Paperwhite 4, there are three made from water-safe fabric

Although the dimensions of the new Kindle Paperwhite are only a bit smaller than the predecessor, any current cover that includes a plastic backshell won’t fit the new generation.

If you have the Paperwhite cover with a leather frame, you can still use it, but the position of the power button at the bottom edge has changed.

Luckily, together with Kindle Paperwhite 4, Amazon is releasing an extended range of original case covers. All have the same backshell, open like a book, support auto sleep / wake feature, and are superb slim. You can choose from colors and materials used for the front:

All covers are available for pre-order right now, & they start shipping together with the 4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite – on November 7, 2018.

Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018) comparisons

After discontinuing Kindle Voyage earlier this year, the Paperwhite becomes the middle-shelf Amazon e-reader.

The three-model range is going khổng lồ stay for a long time, as this is the most effective way to lớn meet various customer needs, at the same time keeping development & production costs at the low level.

Right now, you can get an advanced 7-inch waterproof Oasis. Or the smaller và simpler waterproof Paperwhite for half of the price. Or the same-size basic Kindle for half of the price.

The nâng cấp of the Kindle Paperwhite is greater than expected. Besides getting the công nghệ bluetooth chip allowing to play audiobooks, the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite is finally waterproof, having the same IPX8 rating as Kindle Oasis 2.

Kindle Paperwhite 4 compared lớn other Kindle models

FeatureKindle 8Kindle Paperwhite 4Kindle Oasis 2
Screen size6 inches6 inches7 inches
Pixel density167 ppi300 ppi300 ppi
Screen resolution800 × 600 px1448 × 1072 px1680 × 1264 px
Waterproof ratingn/aIPX8IPX8
Water resistancen/aWithstands immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for 60 minutesWithstands immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for 60 minutes
Front lightYesYes5 LEDsYes12 LEDs
Blue light controlNoNoNo
Weight5.7 oz161 g6.4 oz182 g6.8 oz194 g
Dimensions6.3 × 4.5 × 0.36 in160 × 115 × 9.1 mm6.6 × 4.6 × 0.3 in167 × 116 × 8.2 mm6.3 × 5.6 × 0.33 in159 × 141 × 8.3 mm
Storage4 GB8 GB32 GB8 GB32 GB
micro SD cardNoNoNo
Headphone jackNoNoNo
ColorsBlackWhiteBlackGraphiteChampagne Gold
Release dateJuly 7, 2016November 6, 2018October 31, 2017

As you have seen in the table, none of the Kindle e-readers sports microSD thẻ – something useful if you want to download a lot of ebooks, comics, magazines, or audiobooks khổng lồ enjoy offline. On the other side, the 32 GB version of Oasis or Paperwhite enables you to tải về approximately 150 audiobooks, which is enough for even the longest holiday with no connection to the web.

Finally, all Kindle models are capable of playing Audible audiobooks. They don’t have the headphone jack, but bluetooth không dây module, so you’ll have lớn use Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers.

With the introduction of the new Kindle Paperwhite, we have to lớn update our đen Friday 2018 deal predictions. The price of the new Paperwhite won’t probably go under $100 (what was possible for the earlier generation). We bet that you could be able to grab the entry version (8 GB, Wi-Fi only, special offers) for $109.99. Also, we can expect the price of the basic Kindle to lớn reach the new low – $39.99?

Kindle Paperwhite 4th-generation – tech specs

Below, you will find the full tech specifications of the all-new Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018 release).

ScreenLevels of grayFront lightScreen resolutionPixel densityWaterproofWaterproof ratingStorage capacitymicroSD cardBody colorBattery lifeCharge timeWeightDimensionsWi-FiCellularBluetoothSpeakersHeadphone jackAudible-readyAccessibility featuresSupported formatsOriginal case coversWarrantyIncluded the boxLaunch datesPrices
6-inch E-Ink Carta touchscreen
Yes, 5 LED lights
1448 × 1072 pixels
300 ppi
IPX8 – tested lớn withstand immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for 60 minutes
8 GB (approximately 6 GB available khổng lồ the user) – thousands of books or over 35 Audible audiobooks• 32 GB (approximately 27 GB available khổng lồ the user) – thousands of books or over 160 Audible audiobooks
A single charge lasts up to six weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off và the light setting at 13
• 4 hours from a computer via USB• Under 3 hours using Amazon 5W USB charger (sold separately)
• Wi-Fi version: 6.4 oz / 182 g• Wi-Fi + Cellular: 6.8 oz / 191 g
6.6 × 4.6 × 0.3 in / 167 × 116 × 8.2 mm
Supports public & private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA và WPA2 security using password authentication or Wi-Fi Protected thiết đặt (WPS)
4G LTE connectivity in US where available, 3G/EDGE/GPRS in other locations; utilizes Amazon Whispernet khổng lồ provide wireless coverage via AT&T’s 4G LTE high-speed data network in the U.S & AT&T partner networks outside of the U.S
Yes – công nghệ bluetooth 4.2, 2402-2480 MHz (11.25 dBm), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for audio streaming from Kindle Paperwhite to your công nghệ bluetooth không dây speakers or headphones. Công nghệ bluetooth không dây speakers requiring pin codes are not supported
Yes; capable of playing both Audible audiobooks & Audible companions for Kindle ebooks. Pair with Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones
The VoiceView screen reader, available over công nghệ bluetooth không dây audio, enables access lớn the vast majority of Kindle Oasis features. Kindle Oasis also includes the ability khổng lồ Invert Black and White, adjust fonts size, fonts face, line spacing and margins
• Text: Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML DOC, DOCX through conversion• Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion• Audio: Audible audio format (AAX)
Yes; sold separately. Three variants khổng lồ choose from: textured leather, premium leather, water-safe fabric
1-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 1-year, 2-year or 3-year Extended Warranty available for US customers sold separately
• Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (4th generation, 2018 release)• USB 2.0 charging cable• Quick Start Guide
• Announcement: October 16, 2018• Pre-orders: October 16, 2018• Release: November 7, 2018
• 8 GB, Wi-Fi, with special offers – $129.99• 8 GB, Wi-Fi, without special offers – $149.99• 32 GB, Wi-Fi, with special offers – $159.99• 32 GB, Wi-Fi, without special offers – $179.99• 32 GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, without special offers – $249.99

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018) in pictures

Take a closer look at the newest Kindle Paperwhite.









Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018) – product info

In the last part of this round-up, we present highlights from the Kindle Paperwhite 2018 hàng hóa page on Amazon, which focus on the most important features.


Kindle Paperwhite 4th-generation (2018 release)

Pack lighter, travel fartherOur thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet, with a sleek, modern kiến thiết so you can read comfortably for hours. Features our signature 300 ppi, glare-free Paperwhite display, laser-quality text, & twice the storage of the previous generation. Plus a single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.

Make a splashWith the all-new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, you’re free to read & relax in more places, including the beach, pool, or bath. Paperwhite is IPX8 rated to lớn protect against accidental immersion in up lớn two meters of fresh water for up to lớn 60 minutes.

Now with AudibleNow with Audible, Kindle Paperwhite lets you switch seamlessly between reading and listening via Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones. Keep your story going whether you’re cooking, commuting, or cleared for takeoff.

Goes beyond a bookAdjust the text kích thước and boldness & read with Kindle-exclusive fonts, hand tuned lớn provide maximum readability. Whispersync lets you seamlessly switch between reading and listening on your Kindle & Kindle app without losing your place (requires Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + free cellular connectivity).

Make it personalDesigned by Amazon lớn perfectly fit your Kindle, these slim, form-fitting covers attach securely & fold back for one-handed reading. They automatically put your Kindle lớn sleep when closed và wake upon opening, making it easy to lớn get back to your story.

⇢ Paperwhite $129.99

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