My husband has been laughing over the various Memebox odds & ends that have been appearing in the bathroom of late - he" right that some of the products look pretty weird & random. Plus there" a lot of Barbie-pink packaging, which neither of us is thrilled about. Of this particular cream he said, " I guess it" got broccoli in it?! What next?"
Well yes, apparently it does. & I" not entirely sure, but I mentioned bee venom, snail mucus & fabricated snake venom (yes, WTF).

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A brightening cream that contains 75% broccoli extract, which has an antioxidant effectAlso contains vi-ta-min CWorks to lớn calm, heal và brighten the skinAlso aims to lớn diminish the appearance of uneven skintone, dark spots, age spots and fine linesCan be used for both face và bodyRRP $14 for 60ml

This is an odd one và it" been banished lớn the body toàn thân cream section already: I have much better face products và I" rather use those.
It" a strange cream. When you squeeze some out, it seems to lớn "" on your fingers (leaving a watery trail behind), but then when you apply it lớn your face, it takes a while to lớn absorb and you really need to lớn rub it in. If you don" rub it in, you" left with a trắng face - và I wonder whether it" been designed that way deliberately (ie, so you feel like it has a "" effect because they" coloured it lớn make you believe that).
I don" think this would have any great impact on age spots over time, but I can" really bình luận on that because I only used it on my face for a couple of weeks before deciding it wasn" for me.

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I" be interested in hearing from anyone else who" used it for a while và has something khổng lồ say about its effects over time - I" be really surprised if there were any.
Essentially it" an ok cream that" not particularly hydrating, smells a bit weird (too sweet for me) và has no particular impact lớn commend it - but it" fine for use on the body. My face needs a little more TLC.

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