Many of you guys already know about Lucky patcher app. Lucky Patcher is an all in one rooted phầm mềm for Android that can bởi vì many tasks if you have sầu root access. Do you wish lớn block ads on your Android? Do you want to lớn remove sầu unnecessary stoông chồng apps from your smartphone? or vày you want lớn bypass license verification on paid Android apps? Here we have an ứng dụng that can vì chưng this for you!! Let’s see what exactly it is.

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What Is Lucky Patcher:

Lucky patcher is a great Android app which let you to remove advertisements from Android apps và games, modify permissions of different apps and games, bypass license verification of premium apps, backup downloaded apps & games, remove system apps if not necessary, backup modified apps etc. Let’s see some of the features of lucky patcher hack tiện ích.

Lucky Patcher Features :

Modify ứng dụng permission. Many apps and games asked for unwanted ứng dụng permissions. Sometimes it’s difficult khổng lồ trust an unknown tiện ích. Lucky Patcher apk can be used to remove any app permissions if not seems necessary.You can take a backup of your apps và games downloaded from play store to your Sd card with the tiện ích. Or you can also backup any apps or games after modifying.Different useful tools are available.The ứng dụng supports different colors khổng lồ identify the state of the apps. For better user experience lucky patcher shows many colors lớn underst& situation of the app easily.Root access needed for all the features. The phầm mềm can perkhung many tasks without root but if you want khổng lồ get all the features of the app, you must root your smartphone or tablet.

Screenshots :


What’s New On Lucky Patcher:

New method for patch inứng dụng purchases (Support patch for InApp emulation (Reassembly Dex));Optimize ads patterns for more stable patch process;Supprot for GooglePlay Intiện ích Library (api 10) added;New link to lớn site about added custom patches(;New links to lớn submit custom patches(;Added “Share” button to lớn backups dialog;Translations updated.

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Additional App Information :

App Developer: ChelpuS

App Version : 8.7.1

File Size : 8.24 MB.

Average Rating : 5

Requirements : Android 2.0 & up.

License : Free.

Note :

You have sầu to root your Android device to lớn get all the features. You can root your device easily by using KingRoot or Kingo Root tiện ích. This ứng dụng tư vấn some illegal tools. We are not responsible for any kinds of abuse of the apps or illegalities.