Tải Game Tom Và Jerry

Tom and Jerry: Chase, the latest game of NetEase is available now on thienlongho.com. Download the APK and OBB files of this game through the liên kết below and install it to be able lớn participate in an endless chase.

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Introduce about Tom và Jerry: Chase

Tom & Jerry: Chase is a competitive 1v4 game, but the game has a fun style when bringing characters from the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry into its game. NetEase has been licensed by Warner Bros so that they can create a game with characters associated with childhood, to lớn create a sense of nostalgia when participating in this game. The Tom & Jerry cartoons are recreated through this classic original style game.


Tom và Jerry is a cartoon associated with our childhood. Although the story simply describes the three words “mèo chase mouse”, but it is very attractive sầu to viewers from children to lớn adults. Netease does not want to lớn thua trận its original identity, so they also put the plot of the original movie into the game, thereby developing a game of chasing similar to the plot of the movie instead of developing it into a different genre from its inherent nội dung.


However, it is not fair for a big cat lớn fight with a tiny mouse. This time, cát Tom have sầu khổng lồ chase four mice looking for cheese. Who will win?


If you have sầu ever known or played Dead By Daylight sản phẩm điện thoại or Identity V, you will very quickly to lớn get acquainted with the game Tom & Jerry: Chase. Basically, you will be able to choose to lớn control the cát side or mouse side. It’s lượt thích a game of chasing, if you are a mèo then you chase the mouse. And if you play as the mouse, you will have to lớn find cheese và push it into lớn your cave và of course, bởi not let the mèo catch you.

For example, if you choose the mouse side, in the beginning, you will control a robot mouse lớn spy on the house và find the location of the cheese khổng lồ save sầu more time. If you are a cat-side, you can destroy those rats lớn make the mouse-side spend time searching, increase the time lớn chase và eliminate annoying opponents.

The game allows you khổng lồ control the character with touch arrow buttons or Joystiông chồng buttons. In addition, there are some skill buttons for each character that can be learned when leveling up like in MOBA games.


Basically, the most prominent monument throughout the movie is character Tom and character Jerry. But Tom and Jerry: Chase has characters that appear very little in the series to lớn create variety for the game such as Butch, Lightning, Jerry Robinhood, Jerry Detective sầu, Tuffy…


Each character has quality skills, make sure to lớn read them carefully before joining the match. In particular, the game is also very interested in aesthetics when the characters have sầu their own costumes.

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Our battle will not be merely an empty house when lots of cool items are popping up everywhere. The game also has many interesting items such as ice, bazooka, explosives… The endless chase will be more interesting & tactical when there are those items.

Playing with friends

Tom & Jerry: Chase also allows you lớn play the custom matches with your friends lượt thích other MOBA games, but not 10 people but up to 5 people. You absolutely can communicate, chat with friends right in the game without any other software.



Admittedly, Netease knows how to lớn exploit and use it best when the characters associated with childhood have quite similar drawings lớn the original movies. This is a big plus that helps the game attract a lot of players.

In particular, the game also supports High Frame Rate (maximum 60 FPS) và HD graphics to lớn meet the needs of players lớn have sầu the smoothest experience possible.


In addition, the bản đồ is also very diverse và elaborated with each stroke. The chase battle can take place at sea, indoors, castles, yachts… The sound is also especially invested, making you feel like you are enjoying a Tom & Jerry episode that you have ever “addicted” as a child.

Download Tom và Jerry: Chase APK for Android

Even when made into lớn an Android game, Tom & Jerry still retains the trait that makes it more interesting than ever. You can tải về this game on our trang web và get the earliest and fastest updates. Please leave a nhận xét and phản hồi below the article if you have questions or problems when playing this game.