Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk V4

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) if you want lots of money and diamonds. Thanks to that, you can easily unlock eggs and upgrade your zombies.

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Introduce about Zombie Tsunami

Today, I will introduce you Zombie Tsunamày, an “old but gold” game. Since launching so far, this game has gradually become a monument & an indispensable game on di động devices.

Zombie games often focus on human survival before a catastrophe, requiring the player to flee, build a base, or even find & kill entire zombies. But have you ever wondered if game publishers are too “unfair” khổng lồ zombies? To answer this question, the publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L. released Zombie Tsunami. In this game, you have lớn learn to think like zombies (in fact they are not capable of thinking).


When playing the game, you will into the army of zombies attacking the big cities around the world. You start the game with only one zombie, then try to lớn eat meat & turn as many people inlớn zombies as possible. If you have enough money, you can nâng cấp to start with two, three or a maximum of five sầu zombies khổng lồ have a more favourable start.


Like Subway Surfers, Zombie Tsunamày is an endless-runner game that means you run until the end of the game. All you have sầu lớn bởi vì is control the zombies khổng lồ jump up lớn avoid the obstacles or jump through the deep hole by touching anywhere on the screen. It sounds easy, but the game requires a lot of skill và reflexes for the player when designing a lot of bombs & holes khổng lồ wait for you to lớn đại bại. Just one mistake, you can directly kill the entire army of zombies that you build.

How to get more zombies


The people screaming on the road are the easiest targets. If not, you have sầu to destroy the means to lớn get more zombies. The bigger the vehicle, the more zombie you need, & the more you eat. These include:

Dustbin: Need 2 zombies, you can earn a brain or gold coins.Car: Need 4 zombies, you can earn 1 brain.Bus: Need 8 zombies, you can earn 2 brains.Tank: Need 12 zombies, you can earn 3 brains.Airplane: Need 16 zombies, you can earn 4 brains.


You can use the skills in a short time interval, they help you to lớn live và destroy the vehicle.

GiantZ: The whole zombie turns inlớn a giant zombie, destroying everything through his laser eye. You can tăng cấp the lasers to fire multiple rays with greater damage.Ninja: Your zombies turn into lớn a ninja with a katana that can cut everything. You can control the ninja jumping twice by double-clicking on the screen.

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Gold: Zombies turn inkhổng lồ gold along with the ability khổng lồ turn everything into gold coins lớn collect, but they can still die if they fall down the holes.Quarterback: Zombies immune khổng lồ all dangers, but like Gold, they are afraid of deep holes.Tsunami: This is the most powerful skill. Zombies sumtháng a tsunami & then ride on it, destroying everything. In this state, you are completely immortal. Press continuously on the screen lớn keep the tsunamày as high as possible.Dragon: The Long is capable of flying for a period of time, you should press continuously to create the jump for the rồng. At the first màn chơi, the dragon is still hurt if you hit the bomb, but you can upgrade to lớn fix it.Balloon: Help your zombies fly hovering over the highways, avoiding vehicles or deep pits under the road.U.F.O: Constantly increase the number of zombies for you.

There are also two other additions:

Mecha: is a robot with a saw blade on the arm, cutting everything on the way.RiderZ: Skill requires a high màn chơi khổng lồ unlochồng. Zombies will drive sầu the race car và can climb if unfortunately fall inlớn the hole. When you tăng cấp, they become invincible.

Unloông chồng your pets


In addition, you can raise some pets when playing Zombie Tsunami by buying eggs. They will help you earn more gold or pick up more people for you. They are divided into levels ranging from Normal to Legendary.

MOD APK version of Zombie Tsunami

MOD feature

Unlimited Gold/Diamonds: You have a lot of gold và diamonds when you open the game.

Why should you use Zombie Tsunamày MOD APK version?

Of course. The goal of most players when playing Zombie Tsunamày is lớn unloông xã pets và unique costumes for zombies. To vì this, you have sầu khổng lồ play a lot of times, watch lots of ad videos và save money for a long time. will make your process easier by giving you lots of gold & diamonds from the start. You do not need lớn bởi anything. Just download the MOD APK version of this game via the link below the article.

Download Zombie Tsunamày MOD APK for Android now!

Currently, Zombie Tsunangươi has more than 300 missions for you khổng lồ explore. These tasks are quite interesting, such as shaking equipment when there is an earthquake. Design games are not too sophisticated but enough to lớn make you happy. Simple graphics make it easy lớn use with any device you can tải về without worrying about the configuration of your phone.