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Now you have sầu a link to one of the greachạy thử adventures in The Legkết thúc of Zelda series. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to lớn the Past revives the classic SNES game on the trò chơi Boy Advance và adds a new multiplayer mode. In a Link to lớn the Past, Link travels between the light world & the dark world, conquering fierce monsters và uncovering Hyrule"s deepest secrets along the way. Also included is Four Swords, which lets you play with up lớn three other players, slashing through dungeons and collecting rupees. Whether you choose solo or competitive sầu play, The Legend of Zeldomain authority will keep you occupied with its brain-bending puzzles and fun swashbuckling action.

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Hawks bachồng, in the worlds first 3D handheld skating game, and hes brought new pros (Caballero, Koston, Mullen), New tricks (Bluntsides, BS/FS Nose-& Tailsides, Heelflip Varials, Airwalks, & more), and new terrain (Insane street and vert levels) Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 for Game Boy Advance. Get your hands on a legover.

A combination of exciting platforming action, wild power-ups, và charming Mario style has made Super Mario Bros. 3 a classic. With Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, you have sầu your chance to partake in the special adventure anywhere you go on your trò chơi Boy Advance. Your mission is to rescue the Mushroom Kingdom monarchs who have been transformed inkhổng lồ animals by Bowser & his mischievous offspring, & in the process save the princess kidnapped by Bowser. Traverse eight huge worlds & encounter fun minigames & frantic trùm battles as you explore the first Mario game to lớn use an overworld bản đồ.

Whoever hands out driver"s licenses in the Mushroom Kingdom is about khổng lồ be in some serious trouble. Classic Mario Kart action is baông chồng once again, this time in a colorful, lightning-fast game that you can take anywhere. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Wario, Yoshi, và Bowser are all tearing up the track, tossing Koopage authority Shells và laying banana peels along the way. Mario Kart: Super Circuit puts your driving skills khổng lồ the thử nghiệm on 40 tracks, each littered with wild weapons & obstacles. Four players can compete in Mario Kart: Super Circuit using only one trò chơi Pak. If each player has a copy of the game, bonus features và new modes of play become available.

The battle lines have sầu been drawn, and an elite group of sly strategists are massing troops at your borders. You"ll have sầu to comm& ground, air and naval forces if you hope to lớn survive the coming wars, và it won"t be easy. With 114 maps khổng lồ battle on và both Single-Pak và Multi-Pak links modes, Advance Wars brings turn-based strategy lớn a depth never before seen on a handheld!

Mario hasn"t even had a chance to savor his victory in the original Super Mario Advance, và already he"s bachồng for more in Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. This game is a re-creation of the Super NES classic Super Mario World, featuring every last secret exit and all 74 levels of platform-jumping action. Once again, Princess Peach has been kidnapped by the ever-diabolical Bowser, & Mario and Luigi mix out on a massive sầu adventure lớn rescue her. As either Mario or Luigi, you"ll solve sầu puzzles, shoot fireballs, fly, & discover the hidden secrets in Dinosaur Island.
While lending mission support on planet SR388, interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran is attacked by an X parasite, an organism with the ability khổng lồ mimic the abilities of any creature it infects. Near death, Samus is saved by a vaccin made from the DNA of the last Metroid--the X parasite"s only natural predator. When the X spread lớn a research station in orbit around SR388, a weakened Samurs is forced to lớn exterminate them all...or die trying.
This title are more than a simple port of the SNES classic — every aspect of the games has been reviewed and enhanced. Additionally, a host of brand-new elements has been seamlessly merged with the original game, providing unexpected surprises for longtime fans. With new dungeons, new job classes, và other exciting features, both old-school players & newcomers can enjoy this genre-defining FINAL FANTASY title in a portable format.
When Baby Mario falls from the sky, the big-hearted Yoshis vow lớn reunite him with his twin brother on the far side of the island. It won"t be easy, but you must help them take on a meddling Magikoopa & his entire cast of underhanded underlings. Your journey spans the island"s jungles, caves, and snowcapped peaks--each area filled with hidden rooms, secret passages, charming minigames, demented bosses, and all-new pals. Sure, Yoshi looks cute, but he packs some pretty amazing firepower--he can throw eggs, hover, stomp, pound the ground, slurp up enemies, & morph inlớn a toy submarine.
The year is 2035 and Soma Cruz is about lớn witness the first solar eclipse of the 21st century when he suddenly blacks out -- only lớn awaken inside a mysterious castle. As Soma, you must navigate the castle"s labyrinths while confronting perilous monsters at every turn. But beware, you must escape before the evil consumes you!
In a dark time, an epic adventure begins as evil slowly envelops the world! The forces of darkness are pursuing the lost art of Alchemy, & as they draw ever closer lớn their foul purpose, mankind"s future hangs in the balance. You and your companions are the last hope: armed with noble weapons, mysterious Psynergy & a host of elemental creatures, you must find a way to lớn stem the evil tide. Your ordinary life is over, as a Golden Sun rises above you and forever broadens your horizon!
Count Dracula has been resurrected & evil will reign supreme unless he is stopped. As Nathan Graves, you"ll hunt down the count và use your whip và a variety of special items khổng lồ destroy his minions. Battle your way through Dracula"s castle & rid the world of evil once and for all!
An evil witch has replaced Princess Peach"s fair speech with explosives! Mario and Luigi must once again come to her rescue, but this time they employ the help of Bowser, their sworn enemy. Mario & Luigi must learn new moves and combine powers to fight off enemies and move closer lớn the witch"s castle. Guide this unlikely bunch through an abundance of minigames such as Border Jump and Mystery Carts. Combine the powers of Mario và Luigi lớn pull off special tag-team moves. Immerse yourself in this bright, cartoonish, and humorous world, complete with hit music featured in previous Mario games.
You may not be able lớn live sầu like the legkết thúc, but now you can skate like hlặng. Skate as the legendary Tony Hawk or choose from a dream team of 12 top pro skaters, including old favorites like Lasek, Thomas, Muska, & Steamer, as well as new talent lượt thích Gilfberg, Caballero, Koston, & Mullen. Or enjoy full customization abilities with the enhanced Create-a-Skater (now including female skaters) and the Skatepark Editor. Travel from L.A. to lớn Tokyo, Suburbia lớn Skater"s Isl& performing challenges và meeting goals. New moves include the Revert, which allows you to link vert tricks, và flatl& tricks such as Caspers, the Primo, & Handstvà Manual. If you"re good, you can even unloông chồng hidden pro footage.
She"s battled baddies on nearly every Nintendo system, and now, Samus Aran returns khổng lồ her roots. Metroid: Zero Mission relives the story that started it all--revealing for the first time full details of her meeting with the Metroids. The plotline will be familiar lớn longtime fans of the Metroid series, but the challenges are new, the power-ups are plentiful, and the graphics và sound are supercharged. Plus, if you thought that the original Metroid had a surprise ending, wait until you get past the Mother Brain in Metroid: Zero Mission. A new twist provides a deeper adventure than ever before.
Link returns in an all-new Game Boy Advance adventure. When the sorcerer Vaati turns Princess Zelda to lớn stone, the king of Hyrule sends Link on a quest that takes hyên ổn khổng lồ all-new locations. Using the power of a mystical hat called the Minish Cap, Link must travel through a fantastic world rife with new items, puzzles, and bosses. As Link, you can shrink down lớn either battle large enemies from within or find secret items. You can also unloông chồng items & solve puzzles by fusing together magic relics.
Just when you thought you"d seen the last of them, the Blachồng Hole Army is storming baông chồng in this sequel to lớn the award-winning Game Boy Advance strategy game. With new COs under his commvà, Sturm is leading a new invasion force, & it"ll take advance strategy khổng lồ stop him!
Frantic action! Prepare for lightning-quichồng game play as you btia laze through over 200 bizarre microgames designed by a crazy crew of Wario"s cronies! There are even two-player contests that can be played on a single Game Boy Advance! Pick up và play! Ultra-simple controls make each game easy to lớn get into lớn...until the games start coming faster... and faster...& FASTER!
Under the watchful eye of the Holy Lodis Empire, strange things are happening on the islvà of Ovis. Powerful forces have been phối in motion, but their motives are masked by political intrigue. It is your mission lớn investigate these occurrences và discover the true intentions of those involved. The ending of the game will depkết thúc on the actions that the main character, Alphonse, takes. You will make many revelations as you proceed, but you must survive the unrelenting battles and cultivate your characters" abilities to lớn unveil the ultimate truth.
Hey! You! Yeah, you! Listen up when Wario"s talking to you! I just read about this legendary Pyramid of Gold, & you"re gonna help me go explore it. There"s lots of treasure in there for the taking, và I want it all. I"m sure there are gonna be all kinds of weird enemies & big, bad bosses in there, so if you don"t think you can haông xã it, put the game down now. I don"t want any losers making me jump into bottomless pits, you hear me?
After accidentally discovering spin giải pháp công nghệ, Wario reassembles the developers at WarioWare, Inc. lớn make a new phối of wild minigames. WarioWare: Twisted! maintains the fast-paced style of gameplay from the original WarioWare & introduces a new gyro sensor that lets you control the gameplay by rotating the Game Boy Advance SP.. left and right. The new controls play into more than 200 minigames. Play through them all to unlock souvenirs, such as bonus games, figurines, and instruments.
Marshall your forces & draw your steel--Fire Emblem has arrived. Fire Emblem combines strategy and role-playing in a story heavy on royal intrigue and backstabbing. As a military strategist, you must choose the best method of attachồng whether it is swooping from the sky with your Pegasus Knights or striking with a phalanx of armored juggernauts khổng lồ crush the opposition. With dozens of soldiers, weapons, và magic spells at your service, Fire Emblem equips you with everything you need khổng lồ dominate the battlefield.
Nearly fifty years has past since Simon Belmont rescued the land from the curse of Dracula. Now, Simon"s descendant Juste Belmont, must acquire the relics of Dracula to unravel the disappearance of his childhood friend Lydie. The castle"s enchanting mysteries and danger await all those who dare enter.
The world of Final Fantasy returns khổng lồ trò chơi Boy Advance. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a deeply diverse strategy và tactics game with battles, missions, swords, & magic. Players assume the role of young Marđậy Radiuju in the humble burg of St. Ivalice. Alone in a foreign world, Marbít befriends a motley crew of low-màn chơi monks, mages, archers, and soldiers. The only hope you have sầu of finding your way trang chủ is khổng lồ turn your ragtag group of misfits inkhổng lồ a finely tuned fighting force. As you gain experience and reputation, your job options grow as well as the rewards.
Sonic is back to lớn save sầu the world! The evil Dr. Eggman is at it again, with a brand new scheme khổng lồ trip up Sonic và his pals. Maneuver your way through obstacles, puzzles & traps lớn collect the chaos emeralds và defeat the vile Dr. Eggman before it"s too late!
It is the dawn of a new age...And the heroes of Golden Sun have been abandoned. Now, the world is falling inkhổng lồ darkness. A new band of adventurers is the world"s final hope...but they may also be its doom. Pursued by the heroes of the original Golden Sun, they must race to lớn complete their quest before the world becomes lost lớn the ages.
Get ready for a major new step for the Tony Hawk series. Tony Hawk"s Underground tweaks the gameplay of previous installments lớn include a plot-twisting story, customizable tricks & decks, online play, and the ability khổng lồ include your own mug shot on your custom player. Of course, you can also play as any one of pro skating"s biggest stars including Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, & Elissa Steamer. Ride, walk, or drive sầu through nine expansive levels then chạy thử your skills against other gamers online. Become a star of the Underground.
Castlevania Doublepack is a compilation of the two previous trò chơi Boy Advance Castlevania titles--Castevania: Harmony of Dissonance and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. The games are included in their complete size, giving players the ability lớn act as either Juste Belmont or Soma Cruz, depending on which story và game they wish khổng lồ tackle. Both games feature a number of weapons and enemies as you make your way through the castle lớn combat Dracula in 2 chiều combat.
All galactic speed limits are about lớn be broken! F-Zero® Maximum Velocity has arrived, và the future of racing has never looked so sweet. Brand-new vehicles and Game Boy Advance original tracks await, so whether you"re a Super NES® veteran or a race rookies, you"ll need some practice laps. And even if you bởi vì master the Gr& Prix circuit, you"ll still have khổng lồ beat your friends to the finish line. That"s right, race fans--with the trò chơi Boy Advance trò chơi Link® cable you can take on up to three rival racers, so put the pedal khổng lồ the metal and get busy boosting, bumping & jumping your way to lớn intergalactic glory!
Join Astro, the robotic superanh hùng with a human mind, in a quest khổng lồ reunite the robotic race with humans. Astro uses his seven super abilities lớn face off against the likes of Atlas, Blue Knight, & more than 40 other characters. The game brings classic 2D gaming lớn the trò chơi Boy Advance along with an original seven-episode story. Playing as Astro Boy, you"ll learn about justice, compassion, evil, courage, and the history of Astro Boy--all while building Astro"s Omega Factor and strengthening his character and superhuman abilities.
In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, you must help protect the nation of Renais from the invading Gravị Empire. Plan your strategy, choose your units, & then lead your soldiers in to battle. The more experience your soldiers gain, the more you can tăng cấp their abilities. This time, your soldiers can gain experience by fighting new monsters in the Tower of Valni.
Drop into lớn the ultimate challenge. In the next chapter in the Tony Hawk series, pros challenge you to lớn make your mark in huge free-roaming levels, taking on 190 progressively harder goals with no time limits to hold you baông chồng. Decide when you"re ready to take on your Pro Challenge & move inlớn the pro ranks, where it"s a whole new game. Build your skills, perform all-new tricks, play up khổng lồ eight players online, và show that you"ve got what it takes lớn go Pro.
Final Fantasy II for the Super Nintenvày is bachồng on the Game Boy Advance as Final Fantasy IV Advance. This game is a faithful port of the Super Nintenvị game (called Final Fantasy IV in Japan) with some graphical improvements. You can play as Cecil, a soldier who has defected from dark knighthood to lớn rid the l& of evil. Final Fantasy II was one of the first games lớn mix the standard for the Square Enix style of RPGs.
10-Time World Champion Dave sầu Mirra is back. Grab big air, jump huge gaps & pull some of the SICKEST tricks imaginable as you embark on a ProQuest to lớn become the top rider around -- even better than the Miracle Boy himself. The only thing holding you baông chồng is a little gravity.
In Mario Golf Advance Tour, you can experience all the fun of golf with your favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Now you can hit fantastic courses in a variety of locales, while learning tips and tricks và interacting with locals at the clubhouse. Compete in singles và doubles tournaments against the pros, practice your swing at the golf clinics, and master side games. Hit all 18 holes with Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, & more.
Capcom"s timeless Street Fighter® masterpiece conquers the trò chơi Boy® Advance system. Choose from over 16 brawlers from the Street Fighter universe và exexinh tươi special moves, & super combos to lớn wreak havoc on your opponent & become the best street fighter in the world. Lightning fast animation, unbelievable graphics & Capcom"s signature gameplay make Super Street Fighter II Turbo the most respected fighting game of all time.
Mario"s trò chơi Boy Advance debut gives gamers two games in one: an enhanced version of Super Mario Bros. 2 & an action-packed four-player version of the original Mario Bros. arcade game. First released for the original NES in 1988, Super Mario Bros. 2 makes its debut on the Game Boy Advance with new enemies, improved graphics, and tougher challenges. Mario, Luigi, Peach, & Toad adventure through seven fantasy worlds on a quest lớn save sầu the day, though they have sầu little more than vegetables for defense. New challenges include collecting red coins and finding Yoshi"s hidden eggs.
Mysterio, the Master of Illusion, is using his powers to change Thành Phố New York City into his very own sinister amusement park. Lucky for the Big Apple, he"s forgotten one thing: you"re Spider-Man, & for one power-hungry super-villain, that means playtime"s over.
Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros. takes you baông xã to lớn the very first battle between Mario & Bowser. Now on the trò chơi Boy Advance, you can relive sầu all the mushroom-eating, Koopa-stomping action from the original game. Always strive for the high score while jumping on top of flag poles, pipes, & bricks. This time, two players can alternate play with a single Game Pak or with GBAs linked by a trò chơi Boy Advance trò chơi Link Cable.
It"s a great platformer và one among mỏi many games in the Game Boy Advance launch lineup that"s easy lớn recommend.
Help Arle & Carbuncle make their way home! Take on all of the wacky characters you meet in challenging games of Puyo Pop so you can make your way through the l& & baông chồng khổng lồ safety. It"s a mad scramble lớn erase Puyo, create chain combos, và fill up your opponent"s playfield in this fast-paced puzzle game.
In this classic NES game, you"ll embark on a quest khổng lồ find the Triforce, slay Ganon, & save sầu Princess Zelda. The Legend of Zelda comes to lớn the trò chơi Boy Advance, complete with all the dungeons, puzzles, & menacing enemies from the original game. As Link, you can brandish a variety of weapons, including swords, boomerangs, bombs, and arrows. Collect rupees to lớn buy even more weapons và other special items. There are many secrets, hidden passages, and caves to be found in Hyrule--now you can see if you still have sầu what it takes lớn find them.
It"ll take you a little while lớn get used to lớn the controls, but once you vì, you"ll find that ChuChu Rocket offers a lot of value & a lot of fun for moments or hours at a time, for one to four players.
Virtua Tennis more than lives up khổng lồ its namesake and does an ample job of compacting Sega"s Tennis 2K2 inlớn a portable format.
Get ready for fast-paced racing action on your Game Boy Advance. Racing Gears Advance lets you choose from 12 officially licensed supercars from manufacturers including Dodge, Lotus, Chevy, Mitsubishi, và GM. You can equip your vehicle with upgrades that can help you maneuver through different track terrain and weather conditions. During races, you can piông xã up và use offensive sầu & defensive weapons khổng lồ eliminate the competition. Racing Gears Advance also features multiplayer modes supporting up to lớn four players.
Capcom unleashes the biggest và brighkiểm tra star in the Street Fighter® universe on the trò chơi Boy® Advance system. Street Fighter Altrộn 3 stars over 31 characters and is loaded with multiple modes of play, seamless animation và 3 different fighting styles for every character. Street Fighter Alpha 3 puts arcade fighting in the palm of your hand!
Hailed as the best puzzle game of all time, Super Puzzle Fighter is choông xã full of ferocious competition, pint-sized characters & non-stop high-energy insanity. Carefully staông xã the falling colored gems in strategic combinations.When the moment is right, use a crash gem to lớn shatter your blocks. Watch your character exexinh tươi a combo move sầu & rain a volley of counter gems down on your opponent! Be the first lớn fill the other"s screen with gems và K.O.!... you win!

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Gunstar Super Heroes is the sequel to lớn the classic Genesis game Gunstar Heroes. You can play as Red or Blue as you battle through six levels, employing one of three different weapon types. Each character has a slightly different story và balance, adding variety lớn the 2 chiều platformer gameplay. Gunstar Super Heroes features large bosses and pseudo-3D effects that maximize the graphics capabilities of the trò chơi Boy Advance.
Dr. Eggman is up to lớn his old tricks again, and the world"s fastest hedgehog must put a stop khổng lồ it. Your favorite characters are baông chồng in Sonic"s fastest adventure ever. A new friend named Cream the Rabbit joins Sonic as they embark on a blazingly fast quest khổng lồ collect Chaos Emeralds and thwart Dr. Eggman"s nefarious machines. Evade the obstacles and enemies, unlochồng secret areas, và uncover the hidden Chaos Emeralds lớn transform into lớn Super Sonic for the final battle. With all-new backgrounds và faster speed than ever before, all of the lightning action of Sonic is baông chồng.
The winds fail. Ships stvà still, unable to fill their sails. The world races to its over. Unless a handful of heroes can protect the remaining crystals, the world will fall inkhổng lồ ruin. Set off on a grand adventure in the finest version of FINAL FANTASY V ever released!
Boktai: The Sun Is in Your H& is the first trò chơi Boy Advance game that uses sunlight lớn influence gameplay. In the game, you"ll follow the adventures of Django, a young vampire hunter on a quest to rid the world of evil. As Django, you must overcome traps, defeat enemies, & fight through the deepest parts of dungeons. Watch out for the amount of sunlight--Django is stronger by day, while the vampires are stronger by night. The game features a solar sensor on the cartridge và a real-time cloông xã system.
The follow-up to lớn the original trò chơi Boy Advance release features a new system under which the game determines difficulty by your battle clearances under a variety of conditions.
Install your oto kits, head to the traông chồng, start your engines and get ready lớn challenge the most competitive sầu racers on the circuit! Choose from over 45 authentic cars và race for championship gold on an amazing 32 different tracks. Upgrade your car"s performance using 9 categories of upgradeable parts including the engine, suspension, aerodynamics và more.
The race khổng lồ catch "em all is on again in Pokétháng Ruby. This entry in the Pokétháng series features an all-new storyline, awesome new Pokémon, & addictive RPG gameplay. One of the biggest additions khổng lồ Pokétháng Ruby is the two-on-two battle system, which allows you lớn liên kết up with three friends khổng lồ battle competitively or cooperatively. You can also showcase your Pokémon"s coolness, beauty, cuteness, smartness, & toughness in Pokémon contests. With new Pokétháng, two-on-two battles, & an all-new region of Hoenn to lớn explore, Pokétháng Sapphire takes the Pokétháng experience khổng lồ the next màn chơi.
Super Monkey Ball Jr. is the kind of game you want in your collection, even if you don"t generally enjoy puzzle games.
It"s your mission lớn help the exiled scientist Ciel discover the source of a new reploid energy! Play as Mega Man"s pal Zero, the reploid from the Mega Man X series turned good by the infectious Sigma Virus và 100 years of sleep. Conquer your adversaries & find the energy source... or risk ultimate defeat. It"s up khổng lồ you to lớn defover good from the destructive powers in the universe.
The legendary Bruce Lee is bachồng as Hai Feng! Master Bruce"s fists of fury, nunchaku và dozens of awesome moves as you travel across the globe khổng lồ locations of mystery và intrigue in this epic martial arts adventure! Use the environment khổng lồ your advantage, evade your enemies by scaling walls, fight like the Masterwith multiple bộ combo và power-up attacks.
Finally, the biggest, baddest bruiser of them all goes portable! And it"s all here... the vicious combos, the killer graphics, & the greachạy thử fighters. Practive your technique, rethành viên to lớn sidestep, & pray your skills are up lớn the challenge. Nothing compares lớn the massive bone crunching moves and brutal face-poundings of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.
V-Rally evolves in its third installment with more detailed cars, customizable rally cars, and scurrying spectators. The world"s top rally cars--including Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, Citroen Xsara, & Ford Focus--are included in V-Rally 3. Choose one, & then overcome spectators, deformed car parts, and extreme driving conditions as you race in six real-world locations và various gameplay modes. The life of a professional rally driver is rough--it"s up khổng lồ you to strategize your career and race your way khổng lồ the top.
Live sầu the simple life as a farmer in Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town. This game is similar to the original Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, but now you can play as a girl who has left the đô thị lớn pursue a life on the farm. You"ll take part in growing crops, managing livestoông xã, finding a husbvà, và raising children.
Matt Hoffman"s Pro BMX 2 takes you for a ride through free-roaming cities, where you can persize a variety of stunts on your bike. Choose from an array of professional riders--including Matt Hoffman, Ruben Alcantara, Cory Nastazio, Mike Escamilla, Nathan Wessel, & Joe Kowalski--& begin a skating career. You"ll travel khổng lồ eight expansive sầu cities that come lớn life with helicopters, boats, cars, & pedestrians. Then, challenge your friend in Push mode, where every time you score big, your side of the screen gets bigger while your friend"s shrinks.
Classic arcade action is unleased on the trò chơi Boy® Advance system in Final Fight One. There"s trouble in Metro City. The members of the Mad Gear Gang have kidnapped the mayor"s daughter Jessica and the clock is ticking. The mayor, an ex-street fighter himself, calls in the big guns to lớn help, enlisting the iron fist team of Cody and Guy. Now, it"s a race against time khổng lồ scour the city, defeat an army of the Mad Gear Gang"s minions, and rescue Jessica before it"s too late!
Take on the roll of Nin-Ja Five-0 as he uses all his skill, stealth and magic to lớn rescue hostages và defeat his enemies. Master the art of ninja swords, shuriken throwing stars và ancient ninjitsu magic!
FIFA Soccer kicks its game up a few notches with new installment, FIFA Soccer 2004. This year"s action features more advanced levels of player detail and responsiveness. Play as one of the best players from 16 leagues & 350 teams, from Europe"s super leagues lớn the Americas. Plus, a new Career Mode gives you the chance lớn take a team from the lower divisions, battle through ranks, sign new players, & turn them into lớn champions. With immersive sầu atmospheres, total realism with the world"s premier clubs, và improved gameplay, FIFA Soccer 2004 looks to lớn reach the goals of soccer fans.
From the legendary game developers at id Software, comes an explosive sầu journey inkhổng lồ the nightmare world of DOOM™. Embark on a harrowing mission khổng lồ rid of Martian Moon Base of hordes of demonic creatures. Navigate through DOOM™"s 24 maze like levels, scouring the corridors for secret areas và combat sida as you take on hell spawned demons with an explosive sầu arsenal of chainguns, plasma rifles và rocket launchers. Use the Game Boy® Advance trò chơi Link® Cable lớn team up with a frikết thúc and blast the levels together or link up lớn 4 players for the ultimate deathmatch.®
In the platformer Drill Dozer, you can take the roll of Jill, the daughter of a crime boss who is mix on revenge. When a rival gang steals away her family"s heirloom, Jill gives chase in her Drill Dozer, an upgradeable piece of power armor equipped with a large drill. This piece of equipment will help you navigate through six different areas, where you will encounter varied enemies và bosses.
Alien scientists have taken control of the top-secret Area 51 military base, & are plotting to lớn overthrow Earth! But not if Duke can stop them. Armed with alien-busting weapons, his kick-butt attitude, and using the aliens" own transporters, Duke takes the battle khổng lồ four quality locations around the world. Oh, & rescues a few babes along the way.
In Mega Man Zero 2, Zero falls prey to a trap mix by Neo Arcadia"s ruthless commander, who plans lớn use Zero to over the peace between reploids và humans. As Zero, you must battle through a variety of levels & challenges lớn make sure the commander doesn"t succeed. A new weapon-customization system lets you adjust the game-cấp độ difficulty. The game new features also include a Cyber-Elf collection system, two-player mode, temporary save features, and a tutorial mission.
Players can test their backhvà in this quality role-playing tennis adventure. Train hard at the Royal Tennis Academy to lớn be a champion. Gain experience and improve your skills through lessons và tournaments, & rise to the top of the ranks. Play as Mario, Peach, Waluigi, or Donkey Kong in a slew of wild modes. Advance through the story và unlock even more characters, all with their own power moves. Beat Mario at his own game, then liên kết up with a friover or three for even more frantic fun.
Crying. That"s what your opponents will be doing when you"re at the wheel. Race from a top-down perspective sầu as you steer down one of 22 tracks. Blast ahead with gas & brake control. Make your opponents spin & crash as you bombard them with a barrage of weapons. Take your competition out of the race with rockets & mines. Earn money every time you win to buy newer, faster vehicles and weapon power-ups for more fire action.
The most accurate, advanced version of Duel Monsters arrives! The ultimate duel simulator based on the hit Trading Card trò chơi and Television series! Duel against dozens of opponents from the TV show or challenge your friends. Import cards from the Official TCG khổng lồ boost your deông xã. Complete your card collection & create the ultimate deck khổng lồ enter the World Championship Tournament!
When King Dedede steals the Star Rod, it"s up lớn Kirby to recover the fragmented pieces from Triple D"s underlings and restore power khổng lồ the Fountain of Dreams. Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land is an action-packed side-scrolling adventure chochồng full of awesome copy abilities and fast-moving gameplay. Kirby may not look tough, but he can float over dangerous obstacles, eat enemy projectiles, & copy his enemies" abilities. You can use these skills in the single-player story mode or multiplayer mode with up khổng lồ three friends using the trò chơi Boy Advance Link cable.
After years of apparent goodwill, Mario & Donkey Kong are at it again--this time, on Game Boy Advance. Donkey Kong has stolen all the Mini-Mario toys from the Mario Toy Co., and now it"s up to lớn Mario khổng lồ hunt down his longtime nemesis và retrieve the pilfered goods. As Mario, you must race through challenging levels while finding keys & releasing Mini Marquả táo before time runs out. Along the way, you"ll master new moves that can help you overcome new puzzles.
A controversial franchise marks its return in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. This time around, the fighting game features an all-new fighting system, an in-depth, supernatural storyline, và the infamous brutal fatalities. Beginning the next chapter in the battle of good versus evil, two powerful sorcerers--Shang Tsung & Quan Chi--join forces lớn deliver unrivaled fighting action in their quest for supreme mortality. Use new or classic Mortal Kombat fighters & engage in hand-to-hand và special-weapon combat, executing secret moves và combinations for fatalities và deadly toàn thân blows.
It"s time to lớn retire your copy of Pokétháng Pinball for the trò chơi Boy Màu sắc and tăng cấp to Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire for Game Boy Advance. Pokémon Pinball challenges you to raông chồng up huge Hi-Scores as you catch over 200 Pokétháng from Pokémon Ruby và Sapphire. Use the fast flippers to shoot the Pogạnh Ball at targets on either the Ruby or Sapphire fields và catch your favorite Pokémon. With the coins you earn during the game, you can visit the Pokétháng Mart lớn purchase special bonus items. Pokémon Pinball: Ruby và Sapphire is easy khổng lồ pick up và play, but only true masters will have sầu the skill & determination it takes khổng lồ catch every last Pokétháng.
Pokétháng Fire Red adds more content & features to one of the first Pokétháng games ever released. In this version of the classic role-playing game, you can collect all of the monsters from different Pokétháng installments, including Ruby, Sapphire, và Colosseum. The game comes with a wireless adapter, which lets you connect with your friends" Game Boy Advances lớn chat, trade Pokémon, và participate in battles. Other new features include a tutorial mode, a recap system, minigames, & more.
Pokemon Leaf Green adds more content & features to one of the first Poketháng games ever released. In this version of the classic role-playing game, you can collect all of the monsters from different Poketháng installments, including Ruby, Sapphire, and Colosseum. The game comes with a wireless adapter, which lets you connect with your friends" Game Boy Advances to chat, trade Poketháng, và participate in battles. Other new features include a tutorial mode, a recap system, minigames, & more.
It"s up lớn you to successfully build và maintain a farm while befriending the people of the town. In Harvest: Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, you can do anything from planting vegetables and raising different animals lớn marrying the woman of your dreams & starting a family. The game lets you choose which events, minigames, and adventures khổng lồ complete. Through the Game Boy Advance links cable, you can connect this game with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life lớn unloông chồng new events and surprises.
One of the most popular RPGs of all time continues in this epic quest. Enter the magical life of a anh hùng Ryu, a dragon morphing warrior, as he embarks on a vast adventure in search of his missing father & little sister. Eight mysterious characters will join you along the way to help you find and master the hidden secrets of the amazing lands you will explore. Discover the right combinations of magical spells, strength, wisdom, guts, và luông chồng lớn determine your fate as you master the world of dragons, demons, & mystery.
Enter the futuristic universe of Mega Man.EXE in this new adventure in the Battle Network series. Join hlặng in his battle khổng lồ fight cyber crimes in this mega role playing adventure. Now, there"s a new net crime organization in town và its computer hacking has created a virus that"s quickly gaining momentum. It"s up lớn Mega Man.EXE, his pal Lan và friends to lớn join the Net-Battlers và win this new cyber battle. Stop it before it spreads!
An FBI agent và a rogue NSA agent are pitted against each other in a deadly game of cát và mouse. Both skilled assassins bent on personal revenge, each must terminate the other in order lớn survive. But unknown to each other, they are both pawns in a much larger conspiracy. Now the as the hunters become the hunted, they must both determine who the real enemy is.
The Legend continues in the second installment of the trilogy, in which Spyro must continue to uncover the immense power within himself và prsự kiện the release of an untold evil. Embark on a treacherous, combat-driven quest as Spyro unleashes devastating fury attacks, upgradeable breaths và ground-to-air melee combos in a frenzied battle with hordes of menacing enemies và bone-chilling bosses. Explore immense puzzle-filled environments as you seek lớn unlock the ancient prophesy và unleash the True Dragon within!
A quiet drink in a Cafe in Paris is the start of a mysterious adventure for young American George Stobbart. Unwittingly he is drawn into lớn a web of archaic and sinister plots, with origins that extkết thúc bachồng to lớn the earty 14th Century và the deadly order of the Knights Templar. Dive sầu inkhổng lồ an adventure of global exploration: cryptic puzzle solving; & fight for survival. Feast on over 60 beautifully animated characters in over 70 breathtaking, hvà drawn locations. Answer the Call lớn action và challenge yourself to lớn the limit with compelling game play for the would-be adventure.
The new NT video game uses the same dark & dangerous environments và adventurous themes featured in the new NT CGI film being developed by Imagi Animation Studtiện ích ios and Mirage Licensing. The NT movie takes place in a Thành Phố New York City plagued by secretive villains and strange, otherworldly creatures. Faced with these perils, the Turtles will experience their most trying time as heroes và as a family, as Raphael, Donatello và Michelangelo đại bại their focus and struggle khổng lồ maintain their unity and ninja discipline.
In The King of Fighters EX 2: Howling Blood, you can play as or against 21 characters from the King of Fighters series, including three characters that are exclusive sầu to this version. Each new match gives you an opportunity khổng lồ refine your fighting skills, unlochồng secrets, và master powerful moves. If you need help during a match, you can gọi on your partner to temporarily fight by your side. Perfect your fighting strategy in a variety of gameplay modes, such as 3-VS-3 Battle, two-player VS, và Story.
WARNING: Stitch is extremely dangerous. The result of an illegal genetic experiment by a mad scientist, Stitch appears khổng lồ be harmless - small, furry, with six legs - but his very existence is an abomination to all that"s decent in the galaxy. Last seen on the island of Hawaii in the company of a little named Lilo. Fugitive sầu may be disguised as a family pet.
Welcome khổng lồ the most comprehensive và feature-rich compilation of classic brain challenges ever available for portable gaming. Now you can enjoy Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Mahjong, Dominoes, 4-in-a-Row, Sink the Ships, and Reverđam mê... while on the go! Pre-mix & adjustable computer AI allows multiple challenge levels from beginner to lớn highly advanced for one player modes.
Step inkhổng lồ the Fire Pro Wrestling ring & experience blistering hot wrestling action that will blow you away! Extreme Wrestlers. Masked Luchadores. Martial Artists. Ultimate Fighters. They"re all here and they all have sầu one mission--win at any cost. Chose Slams. Flying Backbreakers. Pile Drivers. Skull Crushers. No move sầu is too extreme and nothing is illegal unless you get caught!
The Donkey Kong Country series returns to lớn the trò chơi Boy Advance in a sequel that features Dixie Kong. She and Diddy Kong must team up khổng lồ rescue Donkey Kong from the evil Kaptain K. Rool. You"ll play as both Diddy và Dixie, & master their different attacks. Test your skills and beat the clock in Diddy"s Dash, or race against your friends khổng lồ see who"s the fasdemo. You can play the game solo or challenge your friends in new bonus games such as Funky"s Flights and Bag a Bug.
Grab you bat và ball và get ready lớn hit a few homers! Whether you take your favorite MLB team through a full season or compete in the All-Star Game, you"ll be throwing curve balls & fielding pop flies ar major league ballparks across the country. So batter up and play ball!
With music và engines scream"n, you pick your oto, driver, và weapons--then slam it into gear. Annihilate the competition with laser cannons và cluster bombs as you pit yourself against other lead-footed crazies bent on ruining your day.
Medal of Honor Infiltrator puts you in the role of Corporal Jake Murphy, a man who must complete five sầu daring missions to defeat the Axis powers in WWII. From sabotaging enemy resources to lớn capturing key personnel khổng lồ all-out firefights, you"ll need to lớn master a variety of gameplay styles to overcome the enemy. On foot, in a tank, or even in disguise, you must engage opponents on the battlefield with an assortment of WWII-era weapons, including machine guns, grenades, bazookas, và more.
Once again, Kirby must save sầu the kingdom from evil. But this time he"ll need some backup. As Kirby, you can Hotline up one of four alter egos for help during your quest. Each character features new copy abilities that range from arrow-shooting to melee moves. Practice your skills in new side games, such as Crackity Hack và Speed Eaters. In addition lớn new abilities & subgames, Kirby và the Amazing Mirror also introduces new multiplayer modes.
From 2 chiều khổng lồ 3 chiều, Pac-Man has been through it all. Now, you can relive four of his greakiểm tra adventures in Pac-Man Collection, which includes the original Pac-Man, the fast Pac-Attack, và the challenging Pac-Mania. A special Pac-Man Arrangement mode offers more power-ups và items for you--và the ghosts--to lớn use. Over the years, the pellet-mucher has learned how khổng lồ dodge, eat, và jump over ghosts, but the chase continues.
Relive sầu the first two chapters in the Final Fantasy saga--this time with all-new story elements và gameplay. Now you can experience new dungeons, storylines, and characters. Furthermore, you can master the enhanced control systems, & you can save sầu your game at anytime. In Final Fantasy, you control a group of heroes on a mission khổng lồ save sầu a kingdom in turmoil. The sequel lets you swap out members of your parties during the game, allowing you lớn experience the adventure with more characters.
Delve inkhổng lồ the depths và dangers of the deafy World of Forest, the gritty World of S& và the scalding World of Fire as you explore six chất lượng & challenging environments in your quest to lớn find sonya. Each mysterious land features indigenous creatures, hidden hazards and perplexing puzzles, but the only way to win is by overcoming all!
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