Lee jun ki in “two weeks”

MBC’s “Two Weeks” followed the story of Jang Tae San (played by Lee Jun Ki) who, after living the lowest standard of life, found the will lớn live after discovering the existence of his daughter. The drama portrayed the survival of Jang Tae San, wrongly accused of murder, và his efforts to bring justice and save the life of his sick daughter. Keeping up with the role throughout filming required Lee Jun Ki to stay in character, often times causing him to become emotionally drained.

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In a recent interview, Lee Jun Ki expressed, “I feel empty. I purposely did not arrange any schedules after the drama so that I could rest, but I am now wondering if that was a mistake. I feel uselessly gloomy. If I were busy I wouldn’t have lớn be consumed with my emotions, but right now I feel empty.”


The actor continued, “A few days after ‘Two Weeks’ ended, I was fine. I felt really good about myself after seeing all the great news articles that were published. However, all of a sudden a feeling of sadness found me,” and revealed, “Without even knowing, when the mood swings became intense, I started lớn feel sadness followed by depression.”

When discussing ways of relief from the emotional rollercoaster, Lee Jun Ki commented, “Since I feel lonely during the times I am alone, I reach out lớn friends so that we can drink together.

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I find that although it seems I am resolving my problems when I drink và talk with my friends, in actuality nothing gets resolved. After I am done drinking & spending time with my friends, the feelings come back again.” The actor also expressed, “This time around I am thinking ‘This after effect feelings are lasting longer than usual.’ I understand that time will resolve these feelings, but as of now I feel depressed,” revealing his struggles to lớn move on.

Although struggling through emotional changes after his drama “Two Weeks,” Lee Lee Jun Ki continued khổng lồ show signs of anticipation for his next work. The actor brightened the dark topic with his smile as he commented, “That’s why I want to quickly start on another project. As of now, there are plans to have performance structured fanmeetings in Korea, Japan, and China. Afterward, I think I might have lớn go into another project quickly. If I am able to lớn finalize on another project by the first half of next year, then I can plan other things as well.”

Amid his struggles, actor Lee Jun Ki’s honesty reflected the amount of time và effort he invested in lớn his character, illustrating the dedication & professionalism of the actor. Moreover, LeeLee Jun Ki’s representative clarified the actor’s status by saying that his emotions were due to lớn his extreme investment of his character in the drama, và that it was not as serious as it seemed. MBC’s “Two Weeks” aired its final episode on September 26, garnering its highest rating of 10.4%.