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Hotel Le Coorg

Located right in the heart of Madikeri town, the hotel is about 600 m away from the Raja seat, one of the famous Coorg tourist spots. The khách sạn has beautiful rooms with large windows through whic... More

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Le Meridien Thimphu

iving up khổng lồ its global brand name, the Le Meridien Thimphu is there as a lavish accommodation option at a distance of just 500 m from the Memorial Chorten. Also located less than two kilometres a... More


Le Meridien Ahmedabad

Another high-end hotel, Le Meridian offers all the usual comfort & amenities as its counterparts and matches the standard phối by the brand. This is one of the best spots lớn take in a panoramic ... More


Le Monnier Mansion

Endearingly called the Skyscraper Building, the Le Monnier Mansion is just a four-storey building located at the corner of St. Peter and Royal Streets. When it was built in the late 19th century,... More


Le Meridien Barcelona

Located in the heart of Barcelona, & flanked by the alluring shops & restaurants on the city’s famous street Ras Ramblas, Le Meridien is a princely property, offering 230 plus comfy suites an... More

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Le Grand Hotel

If an uninterrupted view of River Ganga is what you are craving for, the Le Grand khách sạn in Haridwar is a perfect pick. With its modest tariffs và amazing location that is away from city’s crowd,... More

Le Meridien Taipei

Le Meridien Taipei redefines luxury living through upscale services. Phối at just a 12 minutes’ walking distance from the Taipei 101 Observatory, this art-filled business district hotel lies at di... More

Le Royal Meridien

This centrally located khách sạn is set amidst 3.5 acres of gardens. Apart from meeting & banquet space for up to lớn 1500 guests, it has a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, shopping arcade và trave... More

Le Roi Raipur

The Le Roi Raipur is a perfect accommodation option for travellers who are looking for an affordable stay which is not too far from the Raipur railway station. Located right next lớn the Raipur ra... More


A Baroque French Château from the 17th century, Vaux-le-Vicomte is privately owned, and was designed by Louis Le Vau, who also worked on the Palace of Versailles. Try lớn go between May & Octobe... More





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