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Fans of Wanna One are celebrating the temporary group"s momentous reunion at this year"s MAMA show.

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The group, which disbanded in 2019, ran for about two years until all of the members" contracts ended. However, the project group, meant lớn be temporary, left a huge mark on the K-pop industry.

Wanna One to perform at 2021 MAMA without Lai Kuan Lin

Wanna One, managed by both Swing Entertainment and CJ E&M, has officially been scheduled khổng lồ reunite at this year"s MAMA show.

While details of the group"s setlist are unknown, fans are regardless celebrating the monumental return of the much-loved K-pop boy group. The performance will take place on December 11, 2021, the day of the award show.

Unfortunately, Lai Kuan Lin will not be attending the reunion. He was a trainee under Cube Entertainment until he filed và won a lawsuit against the company. In June 2021, the verdict came in và he was able to terminate his contract.

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The group"s line-up came to lớn fruition from season two of Mnet"s most-popular idol-survival show, Produce 101. The members consisted of idol trainees & people who had already debuted as an idol, including a member of NU"EST & Hotshot.

Wanna One officially debuted on August 7, 2017, và officially disbanded on December 31, 2018. However, the lot reunited for a final concert in January 2019.

The K-pop boy group was extremely popular during their active years, comparable to lớn I.O.I, the season one winners of Produce 101. They scored 16 brand advertisements during their debut year, with many of the members appearing on several popular TV shows.

In 2017, the group won Best K-pop Artist of 2017 in a Gallup Korea survey and was placed second in the 30 "Power People" survey conducted by news agency Ilgan Sports.

With Wanna One"s confirmation, many wonder which other artists will be performing at MAMA this year. Speculation và other information regarding the line-up can be found here.